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Support and After Sales Services

Ascott Analytical Equipment Ltd have fully trained and experienced engineers to provide maintenance and calibration of corrosion chambers world-wide. This includes chambers of all ages and from other manufacturers.

All Ascott Corrosion Test Chambers are backed up by comprehensive support services. Those marked * are available to current customers via this web site using the Customer Login.

Technical Support Services

  • Installation, commissioning & training

    In the same way that we can offer Installation, Commissioning & Training for newly delivered equipment we can also offer this at a later date, should the equipment be moved to a new location, or new staff require training in its use. Training certificates can be provided.

  • Scheduled preventative maintenance

    Corrosion chambers benefit from regular servicing by a trained engineer. This maximizes reliability, minimizes downtime and ensures that the equipment continues to operate in accordance with its original design specification.

  • Emergency callout & repair

    Ascott service engineers are flexible and will respond swiftly when the unexpected happens and a non-scheduled service visit becomes necessary.

  • Spare parts provision

    Ascott undertake to provide spare parts for all our products for a period of at least 10 years from the date of manufacture. Orders for spare parts can either be placed with us by phone, fax or e-mail. Corro-Salt for salt spray testing can be ordered direct from our web site, using a credit card, at www.ascottshop.com.

  • Calibration

    Usually carried out during scheduled service visits, Ascott service engineers offer instrument calibration traceable to International standards: Certificates of calibration will be provided.
    Chamber temperature
    Chamber Relative humidity
    Chamber air pressure
    Air saturator temperature

Chamber Doctor *

  • Up-to-the-minute interactive servicing information for owners of Ascott chambers and specifically designed to assist in the maintenance of Ascott corrosion test chambers. Called ‘Chamber Doctor’ this feature will allow the user/engineer to diagnose the cause of a particular symptom and go on to suggest a remedy.

Programming instructions *

  • Step by step instructions on how to create a variety of popular corrosion tests

For more information about any aspect of our comprehensive support services please contact us.

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