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Highlighting some of the new optional accessories introduced for use with the latest ‘iP’ product range.

ACC01 - Kit for Renault D17 2028 compliance

The Renault D17 2028 cyclic corrosion test specification - known widely as ECC-1, requires special features for compliance. This kit ensures that an Ascott CC1000ip chamber is fully equipped with these features.

ACC112 - Midi dehumidification unit

Introduced as a cost-effective way of ensuring Ascott CCT chambers can comply with the increasing number of CCT specifications that require a period of ambient temperature and humidity exposure (typically around +23°C/+74°F & 50%RH) during the test. The midi unit comprises a mid-sized, free-standing air conditioner, connected to the chamber via flexible hoses.

ACC114 - SIM Card Connectivity

This option integrates a SIM card reader into the chamber control system. This enables the chamber user, after procuring a mobile cellular SIM card from a local service provider and inserting it into the SIM card reader, to program the chamber via the front panel controller, to use the SIM card reader to send preset SMS messages to phone numbers of the users choice, should predetermined alarm conditions arise in the chamber.

ACC116 - Electronic Catchpots®

Most test standards require the salt spray fall-out inside a salt spray chamber to be collected and measured regularly during testing. The traditional method requires the chamber to be opened at regular intervals to ensure the fall-out is within the specified limits. This interrupts the testing and unsettles the climate inside the chamber. Ascott Electronic Catchpots address these issues by automating much of this process.

The Catchpots continuously measure the amount of fall-out inside the chamber and clearly displays the results digitally at the operator interface. This can be configured to automatically adjust the salt spray delivery system, to keep the fall-out within specification.

ACC120 - Software

All suffix iP chambers can be connected to a local area network (LAN) via their RJ45 (Ethernet) port. If the ACC120 software is installed on a suitable computer connected to the LAN (either wired or wirelessly) then the computer and chamber can communicate with each other. The software can be used to remotely monitor and log the temperature & humidity levels inside the chamber and display this information, including setpoints, as an easy to read plot. It also enables remote control and programming of the chamber, using icon based on-screen commands, which mimic those used by the chamber control system.


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