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New Electronic Catchpots®

Key Benefits

Automatic corrosion testing and reliability

Electronic Catchpots

Key equipment facts

  • Automatic salt fog fall-out measurement
  • Removes the need for operator intervention
  • System eliminates draws back associated with retrospective measurements
  • Suitable for all Ascott ‘iP’ salt spray or CCT chambers
  • Testing frequency can be set by the user with optional, automatic link to salt spray delivery system
  • Graphic measurement of chamber variables via Apple® iPad®.
    (Apple and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc.)

Maximum repeatability and accuracy of salt fog fall-out measurement in corrosion test chambers is now enhanced with new Ascott Electronic Catchpots® – providing automatic measurement without the need for operator intervention.

Conventionally, salt spray measurement is undertaken manually via collection vessels – located at key points in a chamber – which are removed and assessed at regular intervals. This is designed to maintain fall-out within specified limits – typically, 1-2ml per 80cm² per hour.

"Particularly with long term testing, there are self-evident risks with this procedure," says Ascott Analytical’s MD, Chris Gates, "while it can also interrupt the testing process and potentially unsettle the climate inside the chamber. Equally, manual measurement is necessarily retrospective."

By contrast, the new Ascott Electronic Catchpots® – suitable for the company’s ‘iP’ salt spray or CCT chambers – provide continuous measurement of the fall-out and activate automatic adjustment of the salt spray delivery process. This ensures that the operation remains within the specification.

"Frequency can be set by the user with results then displayed on the chamber’s high resolution operating screen," continues Chris Gates. He points out that the equipment can then be linked directly to the salt spray delivery system for fully automatic control.